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Prosecco (Veneto, Italy) (Charmat Method)

Casa Defra Vinyards has created a bright and refreshing prosecco with a classic and iconic profile. 99% of prosecco produced is made in the Charmant Method (Tank Method). In order to make sparkling wine, vintners take advantage of the natural biproduct of fermentation, CO2. Wine is fermented once to become alcoholic, then fermented a second time to make it sparkling. If the second fermentation takes place in big steel tanks it's known as the Charmant Method (tank method) and is known to taste fresher and fruitier with a simpler profile and mouth feel. Second fermentation in bottle is known as method traditional and is known for bolder and more complex flavors from the increased interaction with the dead yeast in the bottle. traditional method wines are often silkier, creamier and reminiscent of a great brioche bread.

Glass $9Bottle $27