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Cocoa Beach

Old Vine Tempranillo (Ribera Del Duero)

Liquid Velvet (mic drop) 

This Lifechanging Tempranillo is made by Leda Vineyards and is known as a Tempranillo de Vinas Viejas which translates to Tempranillo from very old vines. Vine age is extremely important when it comes to making super premium wines suited for a king. Every year a vine produces fruit, the berries get smaller and smaller. The effect of this generational shrinkage is primarily grape concentration. The H2O to pulp ratio is dramatically reduced after a vine approaches an age of 30 or 40 years. this wine is made from vines that are 65-85 years old creating some of the most decadent, silky and magically romantic wine that will ever grace your presence.

Glass $25Bottle $60
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