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Cocoa Beach

Dripdash Black Sesame Oat Milk Latte


Tastes like you'd think a Black Sesame Oat Milk Latte would taste like... Nutty, delicious, and like a KETO milkshake with only 2g sugar.
Our black sesame seeds are imported and milled in Osaka, Japan to make your taste buds travel while you shelter in space. Sweetened with monk fruit and allulose, and carefully combined with oat milk + Kyoto Iced Coffee, this exquisite beverage will be a mystical treat.
Each can contains 90 calories, has 160mg of natural caffeine (equivalent to 2.5 shots of espresso), and uses premium grade coffee beans (our current blend is composed of Ethiopia Yirgacheffe and a small-lot Nicaraguan farm).

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